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About Our Financial Advisors

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Putting trust and integrity first, we make financial planning understandable and comfortable every step of the way. The Financial Planning process that we provide is comprehensive and unbiased. We do not work for a particular company or financial institution; we only work for you.

Every recommendation is tailored specific to you, with your best interest in mind. Individuals respond differently to communication, presentation and explanation styles, and it is extremely important for us to address those styles and meet your expectations. Every investment client is first a financial planning client; it's important to go through that process before making any professional investment recommendations.

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Meet Our Financial Advisors

Matthew Stout
Managing Partner

Financial Advisor Matthew Stout Financial Advisor Matthew Stout

Marc Bowman
Managing Partner

Financial Advisor Marc Bowman
Financial Advisor Marc Bowman

Paul Vollmar
Investment Advisor Representative

Financial Advisor Paul Vollmar
Financial Advisor Paul Vollmar

David Hunter
Investment Advisor Representative

Financial Advisor David Hunter
Financial Advisor David Hunter

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