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Listing of Our Retirement Blog Articles

Listing of Our Retirement Blog Articles

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How to Find an Old 401(k) Account

Workers change jobs every 4.2 years on average, according to the most recent Employee Tenure Summary from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Secure 2.0 Holds Lots of Benefits for Clients

The devil isn’t in the details of the SECURE 2.0 Act, but the details could bedevil savers who want to use the new advantages in their retirement strategies.

Best Ways to Use Your 401(k) Without a Penalty

For those who invest in their 401(k) plan, the traditional thinking is to wait until retirement before taking distributions or withdrawals from the account.

How to Calculate Early Withdrawal Penalties on a 401(k) Account

If you are thinking of withdrawing money from your 401(k) plan before age 59-1/2, be aware of the potential IRS penalties and taxes.

Unprecedented 401(k) Boost For 2023

On October 21. 2022 the IRS announced a record increase in contribution limits to 401(k) and other tax-deferred retirement plans for 2023.

What Makes Lancaster the Best Place to Retire?

Lancaster has a mix of small-town charm and amenities that appeal to many retirees.

How do you value your time?

In a new book, a hospice physician shares the lessons he's learned from the dying about values and purpose, and how we choose to spend our time on earth.

Annuity Illustrations Are Coming Soon To Your 401(k) Statement

Those of you who participate in 401(k) plans or certain 403(b) plans should see something new on your next quarterly statement for the period ending June 30, 2022.

Retirement Costs You May Not Have Thought Of

Retirement planning involves identifying expenses, sources of income, and saving enough money to cover a certain percentage of your living expenses.

Now You Can Save More for Retirement: 2022 Contribution Limits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) evaluates and updates qualified retirement account contribution limits each year.

The Best States for Retirees

In addition to when to retire, a good question to ask is where.

Retirement Uses For Your Health Savings Account (HSA)

Most everyone knows about the use of an IRA or 401(k) account for retirement, but I suspect few understand that a Health Savings Account can also be considered an important retirement account.

Reasons To Think Twice About A 72(t) Payment Plan

Don't be lured into withdrawing IRA funds before age 59-1/2 by an IRS rule that allows you to avoid the 10% penalty.

Things You Need To Know About Your Inherited IRA

A significant percentage of IRA assets will ultimately go to non-spouse beneficiaries. When these beneficiaries inherit the funds, special rules kick in. You need to know these rules to avoid making a costly mistake.

Surprising Facts About Retirement

Retirement is a topic that regularly makes headlines, and not all of them are encouraging. Americans are living longer than ever before. Here are some of the more startling truths about retirement in the United States.

What Is Your Ideal 401(k) Contribution?

No matter your age, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about saving for retirement. How to save for it, what options are available, and how much money should you be socking away? Get help determining an ideal 401(k) contribution strategy.

World's Cheapest and Safest Retirement Countries

More people each year choose to retire abroad for a number of reasons. Which countries might you consider for your retirement?

SECURE Act Makes Major Changes in IRA Rules

If you are a small business owner, a part-time worker, approaching or over age 70-1/2, a beneficiary of someone's IRA account, or the owner of a 401(k) plan, you MUST read about the changes made by the SECURE Act of 2019.

How to Plan for Medical Expenses in Retirement

A 65-year-old newly retired couple will need $285,000 for medical expenses. Here's how to plan for these expenses.

Four Unusual Ways to Boost Social Security Benefits

There are little-known strategies available that may help you decide when you or your spouse should apply. Here's how to get more from Social Security.

The Average Retirement Savings By Age

A survey of the value of retirement accounts by age group. How do your savings compare to your peer group?

Withdrawal Of Retirement Assets

While we tend to focus on the total value of our retirement assets, once we start to use those assets to fund our retirement an optimal distribution strategy can minimize the impact of taxes and save you money.

Building Health Care Costs Into Retirement Planning

There is one aspect of health care and health care costs that is controllable amid many that are not: whether people are in good health or not. Here's how to lower your retirement health care costs.

Qualified Plan Withdrawals: IRA vs. 401(k)

There are differences in how withdrawals from IRA accounts are regulated versus those from 401(k) employer plans. Knowing these differences will help you use the best strategy for funding your retirement.

Required Minimum Distributions

These are withdrawals from IRA accounts required by the tax code once a person reaches the age of 70-1/2 and every year thereafter. The IRS imposes a 10% penalty if you get it wrong.

Roth IRA vs. Roth 401(k)

If you're lucky enough to have access to a Roth 401(k) through your employer, you probably know that there are a couple of differences, to your advantage, that the Roth 401(k) has over an individual Roth IRA.

Do You Have A Super-IRA?

Well, it's not an IRA, but a Health Savings Account (HSA). Read on to find out how to use your HSA to your best advantage.

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